Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ep 12 - Narrelle M. Harris

Narrelle M. Harris has written in so many genres, I'd be here all night trying to encapsulate it all for you. Her first book is the now out-of-print crime fiction novel Fly By Night which had been nominated for a Ned Kelly Award. She has also delved into a bit of fantasy (with a hint of science fiction) with her novel Witch Honour, and it's sequel Witch Faith published in 2007. In recent times, she sunk her teeth into the world of vampires (see what I did there?) with The Opposite of Life and its sequel, Walking Shadows, which came out with Clan Destine Press last year.

She also developed the Melbourne Literary iPhone App, an interesting little piece of technology where literary lovers can explore more about this UNESCO City of Literature that is Melbourne.

Her latest project that she is working on is Kitty & Cadaver, a huge multimedia literary project following a band that fights monsters. As well as her words, the project also involves music, art, jewellery and many other things via many different collaborations. You can also get involved in the project yourself via the project's Creative Commons License. Narelle sounded amazingly excited about the project on the podcast and it looks to be a developing artistic project to keep an eye on.

In addition to all this, Narrelle keeps up a blog called Mortal Words, tweets at @daggyvamp and her website is

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