Thursday, November 7, 2013

Episode 18 - Alexa Dexa

Episode 18 features Alexa Dexa - she is a singer/songwriter and a visual artist based in Long Island, more specifically in the town of Lindenhurst. Her music is a wondeful combination of oddness and beauty, which makes for a curious listening experience. Her latest album - A Symphony of Band-Aids for the Visionary Wound - is a collection of unique sounds inspired via an interesting art project while studying at Berklee College.

Alexa also dabbles in a bit of poetry and involves herself in literature projects as well. Prior to Symphony, she compiled a very short release of tunes called Tone Poems for Typatune that incorporated, as the title suggests, short poems played via a Typatune - an vintage instrument that doubles as a typewriter - although the concept of the project is a little more in depth than just that.

Find Alexa's work at Bandcamp | Facebook

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Episode 17 - Anna Bressanin

Journalist and short documentary maker Anna Bressanin is our guest for this episode. She's worked for the BBC and specifically for their News Magazine compiling documentaries looking at various aspects of cultural life in the USA.

Prior to that however she has had extensive experience writing about economics for various newspapers in Europe plus other media forms covering international affairs, human rights and economics.

Find Anna's work at: BBC | Twitter

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Episode 16 - Heather Zises

We continue on our series of interviews with creative people who live and work in New York City. This episode of the podcast features Heather Zises, a Brooklyn based writer who focuses on writing about the emerging arts within New York City. She created the online arts hub (READ)Art, which collaborates reviews and interviews with emerging artists in the area. She also writes as the New York Contributor for Monarch Daily - an online collaborative arts publication . Heather is a well travelled art lover, heading to Paris and Beijing in the name of art, proving that she loves experiencing the arts world outside of the Big Apple as well.

Read Heather's work at: (READ) Art | Monarch Daily

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Episode 15 - Todd Monaghan

Welcome to Episode 15 - the first in our series focusing on New York artists and writers. Todd Monaghan is our guest for this podcast. He is an artist who specialised in collage work, but also has designed work in a painting medium. He is also the author of a new as-yet unpublished graphic novel called The Illum, all about a New York artist and his relationship with his girlfriend and his unborn son. I headed out to his studio to chat to him with his cat, Ghostie, by his side. If you listen closely you may even hear him purring.

Todd's studio.
We talked about creation, collaboration and how he became to live in such a wonderful apartment. In the second part of our chat we also look at a few of his works. Obviously you can't see the artwork as we speak about them. BUT I have put images below the audio in this post so you can have a look at the pieces while listening.

Find more about Todd: Website | Pinterest | Saatchi Online

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Shri Mona Lisa
3 Orbs
Central Park Procession

Lion King / The Goddess


Purple Rain
Todd in front of his piece Desert Coke.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Episode 14 - Rose Wintergreen

Hello! It has been a while, but I'm still chugging along. Your host is in NYC and has drummed up a few interviews already in this fine town. There's lots to look forward from creatively inspiring people here in the USA.

Melbournite Rose Wintergreen is our guest on episode 14 however. I spoke with her in the back area of a cafe in the suburb of Preston in Melbourne, so that's why you hear a lot of background noise. Hope that will bring a bit of ambience to the interview. She's a singer songwriter as well as a writer of the pen variety. Her latest single 'Feet In The Sand' has just been recorded in a collaborative process that involved heading to Australia's outback. The full track can be found below for your ears.

She's also working on an interesting book project which consists of interviews with other songwriters as well about the search for creativity when there isn't any creativity around. Plus much more. You can check her writing and musical adventures out at She's on twitter and facebook as well.

Also, you will have heard a few changes to the podcast compared to how we've done things previously. Enojy the podcast and feel free to get in contact for ay suggestions, tips, or if you're an writer or artist in NYC wanting to be featured. Listen to the show in the player below, or subscribe via iTunes, as always.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Episode 13 - Sarah Janson

Sarah Janson was our guest for this episode of The Taleteller podcast. Her debut novel is currently being written after being a resident at the Vermont Studio Center with a partial fellowship. She also spent the following months vagabonding through New England and Qu├ębec for this novel too all in the name of research for that same novel, which has been given the working title of Cedar Chest. You can check out the progress of the novel here.

But that is only one of her many projects or writing endeavours currently going on. As well as working as a copywriter and editor, she's worked as an arts worker for too many organisations to mention and has been published in places like Zahmoo, We Matter Media and Filter Magazine plus many more places that you can check out here. She also blogs at Opinionate, where you can learn of yet another project called Women of Genesis. I am envious of her enthusiasm for so many things!

We talk all about this and much more in this episode of the podcast. Listen to the show in the player below, or subscribe via iTunes.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A bit of an update.

So a few things that I thought we'd put down on this here blog that you may need to be aware of:

* The Taleteller Podcast is coming to NYC! I (Philippe Perez), will be heading on a semi-journey and vacation to the Big Apple and would love to talk to you if you are a writer, visual artist or a pop culture nut I'd like to talk to you! You can either be emerging or within the prime of your career, all I am looking for is that you're a creatively inspired person and involved in the artistic world. Please get in contact if you're interested and you live in New York:

* As you can see, this website has ben given an overhaul, simply to make it easier for you to look for the person you're looking for. There's a new search bar to your right and labels as well if there is a specific topic you're looking for.

* This is quite belated, but we were included by Time Out Melbourne as one of the city's top podcasts a few months ago. Many thanks to them for including the podcast amongst many other great local podcasts. Thanks to them for including the podcast. Check out who else they chose here. You can also check out other podcasty-things which we like from here in Australia and around the world in our Podcastin' Action page.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ep 12 - Narrelle M. Harris

Narrelle M. Harris has written in so many genres, I'd be here all night trying to encapsulate it all for you. Her first book is the now out-of-print crime fiction novel Fly By Night which had been nominated for a Ned Kelly Award. She has also delved into a bit of fantasy (with a hint of science fiction) with her novel Witch Honour, and it's sequel Witch Faith published in 2007. In recent times, she sunk her teeth into the world of vampires (see what I did there?) with The Opposite of Life and its sequel, Walking Shadows, which came out with Clan Destine Press last year.

She also developed the Melbourne Literary iPhone App, an interesting little piece of technology where literary lovers can explore more about this UNESCO City of Literature that is Melbourne.

Her latest project that she is working on is Kitty & Cadaver, a huge multimedia literary project following a band that fights monsters. As well as her words, the project also involves music, art, jewellery and many other things via many different collaborations. You can also get involved in the project yourself via the project's Creative Commons License. Narelle sounded amazingly excited about the project on the podcast and it looks to be a developing artistic project to keep an eye on.

In addition to all this, Narrelle keeps up a blog called Mortal Words, tweets at @daggyvamp and her website is

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Episode 11 - Not Available

This episode of the podcast has been removed by request and is no longer available.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ep 10 - Patrick O'Duffy

Episode 10. Wow who would have thunk that we'd get into double figures? But we have.

On this episode I headed out onto a very busy road in Northcote and spoke to writer, reader and traveller Patrick O'Duffy. He's down a multitude of things when he isn't distracted by the joys and perils of the Internet. He has written a whole heap of short fiction, which you can download at his website. His website also contains a lot of blogging action as well a lot of flash fiction, which he has recently grown to love, as you will hear on the podcast. Go and check him out online and on twitter.

This is the first ever Taleteller podcast that I've done in the rain, which was an experience. An umbrella is probably going to be in my artillery of podcasting equipment in future.

Oh, and once again, there are a few bloopers and weird outtakes for you as well.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ep 9 - Sam Cooney

Sam Cooney is the current editor of The Lifted Brow, a magazine full of great, in-depth and thought provoking writing. Each issue normally follows a particular theme including remote cities. The latest issue of The Lifted Brow is focused on music and has only recently been released. go and check it out. Of course Sam has been involved in some sort of way with a huge amount of publications and Australian literature entities, including Voiceworks, Overland and the Sleepers Almanac.

The Lifted Brow Music Issue

I could go on about things he has achieved, and if I did, I would become insanely jealous. So why not head to his website and read about what he has to say about himself?

Oh and once again bloopers feature in this episode, and I know you love those too (or maybe you don't - let me know).
Sam Cooney - The Jumbuck Is Almost Extinct
The Lifted Brow

As always - enjoy.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ep 8 - The New International Bookshop

The New International Bookshop Logo

On this episode I decide to head on out to the basement of Trades Hall in Carlton to check out the New International Bookshop (NIBS), Melbourne's own radical bookshop. The shop is a niche shop that specifically looks at socialist and left-wing material of all kinds. 

NIBS also puts on events of all kinds in their back meeting room. They include their newly-founded Illicit Book Club, exploring banned books and other book launches of all kinds.

New International Bookshop

On this podcast you will hear:

Tom Digby and Pia Socias - co-ordinators of the bookshop who oversee everything that goes on at NIBS.

Aldo - a dedicated volunteer who has been helping out at the bookshop for five years. He gave me a little tour of the shop for me and chatted to me amongst the traffic of Victoria Pde in Carlton.

Sophie - a newer volunteer at NIBS who was looking after the register when I recorded this podcast.

You can visit The New International Bookshop at their website, on facebook or on twitter. Of course you can visit them physically as well downstairs @ Trades Hall, corner of Lygon and Victoria Sts, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I threw in a couple of bloopers at the end too for good measure.

As always - enjoy.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ep 7 - David Witteveen

We speak to David Whiteveen on our seventh episode of the Taleteller Podcast. David is a writer who has published many different short stories, predominantly within the horror genre. He was the brains behind the comic zine Death By Music and runs the flash-fiction website Melbourne By Dusk.It was a joy to talk to him a few days ago.

Within the corners of the Cinema Nova cafe, we spoke about David's lack of coffee in his life (he was having some very warm and comfy tea, however), to the Upcoming 2013 Emerging Writers' Festival, to university reading rooms. Plus more, of course. Hope you enjoy the podcast (even though there may be some static in the beginning... I really need to try and fix that somehow).

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Ep 6 - Eloise Ross


On this new episode of the Taleteller Podcast we speak to Eloise Ross, writer, film lover (not a film tragic, as you will hear) and PhD candidate at La Trobe University. She has written for Killings, the fantastic online arm of Kill Your Darlings, the Melbourne International Film Festival as well at her own blog, This Is Cinemelo. You can also find her tweeting away here.

We explore all her work mentioned above as well other wonderful things about film and how writing fits into all these world. It was a pleasure having her in and hear her thoughts.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ep 5 - Canberra Zine Emporium


This episode features zinemakers that were manning stalls at the Canberra Zine Emporium on March 23rd 2013 Australia's capitol. It was an amazingly sunny day and the music was out in abundance. Zines being sold ranged from the artistic to the downright weird and gross.. The event was being held as part of the You Are Here festival, a festival looking to expose the underground arts and culture of Canberra.

A list of who I spoke to are below:

Tasha, who runs A Zine Thing in Melbourne and also writes at Life As A White Picket Fence.

Emma co-runs Take Care Zine Distro based in Sydney and makes many zines herself.

Andrew Galan who, among many things, put together Franked with Paul Summerfield, a collaborative zine where art and words collide with Andrew and Paul swapping roles and collaborating with artistic people from Canberra.

Miko & Liz, who are members of the Perth Zine Collective.

Nat & Chiara, the organising co-ordinators of the whole Canberra Zine Emporium.

If you want more information, head off to the Emporium's facebook and twitter.

Below are some videos of bands that played at the event.

Zine Emporium from You Are Here on Vimeo.

Zine Emporium from You Are Here on Vimeo.

Zine Emporium from You Are Here on Vimeo.

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